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The Forge is one of the most important aspects of the game to learn as it will be utilized all the time, during events, seasons, as well as outside of those.
The Forge is a place where players can enchant, craft, and recycle the items that they get in the game.
It consists of several different toolkits all in one place. These toolkits at the moment of writing are as follows:
Creator Bench
In the enchantment section, players can improve the stats of their items by using magic dust and tool kits. The amount of dust they need to use for an upgrade depends on the item’s tier. In addition to dust, to enchant items and improve their stats players need to use tool kits. There are three types:
  1. 1.
    Regular for +1 and +2 enchantments
  2. 2.
    Silver for +3 and +4 enchantments
  3. 3.
    Golden for +5 enchantment
Tool kits are available in the special adventure Halls of the Grumpy King's Deep as well as in the daily lottery.
Whenever an item is enchanted, there is a chance the enchantment fails and the item breaks. When an item is broken it can not be used by a Cutie and it will need to be repaired.
In the recycling section players can turn items they don't need into magic dust. The amount of dust received depends on the rarity of an item that is recycled. The rarer and more powerful the item, the higher the better amount of dust is generated.
Higher tiers require more time to be recycled
Magic dust can be used in Enchanting or sold on the item market.
Repair of items is only required whenever an enchantment doesn't go well.
Before an item can be used on a Cutie or enchanted again, it will need to be repaired. The repair table uses slots same as the Recycle and Crafting do.
Crafting is a very important part of the Forge. If not one of the most important ones.
Here players can create gear, tools, and many more things that will help them reach their goals during play. It is especially vital during events and Seasons.
Crafting recipes can be very different from each other. It evolves all the time, so going through the categories is a good practice, especially when a new event or season starts. That is where a lot of new stuff is added to the recipe list.
This table is a minigame, where players can use their event items that are made specifically with this minigame in mind.
Through trial and error, players can unlock different recipes that grant them prizes. Some are a limited amount of uses, some are not. This is a playground for the curious!