The Descent

After learning of the location of Thrudgelmir's prison through the ancient texts, Meldave'er rejoined Drago Sucinai's team near the Alamare Ruins. The warlock's knowledge of arcane energies and ancient history proved invaluable as they navigated through the treacherous ruins.

As they ventured deeper into the ruins, the team encountered numerous traps and obstacles left behind by the Old Gods. Meldave'er's expertise allowed them to navigate these dangers safely. The journey was tense, but the team's determination and trust in each other kept them focused on their mission.

With every step, they could feel the presence of the ancient power stronger and stronger, drawing them closer to their goal. Just as they reached the heart of the ruins, Meldave'er's senses tingled with an unsettling feeling. It was like another fierce entity was moving outside the ruins in the blizzard.

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