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The Unknown

Daegna’ar woke up in a very odd place. His Celtic mythical powers were taken from him during the last encounter with the Cuties in Eosgard, he remembers being shot many times, explosions raining upon him and his kin, trying to get out of the cursed city. Then it all went silent and he woke up here. This place is much more grim and disturbing than he ever saw before.
It’s nothing like the prison that he has been very familiar with.
It was very open, but seemed like the skies above were pushing down on him; the surrounding lands had rivers of sulfur cutting through it, leading into a waterfall. The waterfall seemed to seep down into an endless abyss, where even the brightest light was consumed by the darkness.
He walked onwards, seeking more answers to his location, and stumbled upon a valley down below a mountain that he hiked for what seems like days.
The valley was enormous, with the same rivers of sulfur running through the land, and even going up the mountain. The more he traveled, the more he felt that something even more sinister than him roams this world, more powerful than he ever thought possible. He could sense it.
As he got closer to the valley, he started hearing screams of torture and agony. The closer he got the louder the screams became.
He finally arrived at the base of the mountain, where agony was the wind and air was filled with sulfur and ash. Finally, he saw a line of Cuties, walking near one of the rivers, followed by a huge beast, slashing the Cuties with a whip to push the line forward, and those who fell and couldn't keep up the beast stomped into the ground or kicked into the river, gleefully laughing as he did so.
The beast saw the King of Faomori and called upon him, when Daegna’ar did not move, the beast stopped the line and appeared right behind him. Snarling and foaming at the mouth, the beast said: “Didn’t you hear me calling, scum? You misbehave and wander off again, and you will be enjoying a dip in the river!”
As it finished the sentence, it slashed Daegna’ar across the face with its whip, picked him up by the collar, and threw him in the line. There was no blood, no wound, just an agonizing, unyielding pain across Daegna’ar’s face, as he walked with the line.
Daegna’ar knew he had to get out of this place, as fast as he could. He is not protected anymore, and who knows what the end of the line’s journey is. If those in line are treated as they are, it’s certainly not going to end well.
He felt his power still surging through him here, and it was fueled even more so with a ravenous hope of revenge. Daegna’ar sensed that this beast is not the power that he feels present in this realm. So he stopped, to provoke it to whip him again, and as soon as it brought its hand up, Daegna’ar lashed forward, grabbing the beast by the throat, snapping it instantly.
He picked up the whip and left the line to its own devices at the river, as he went deeper into the valley.
This valley has been sinking and sinking. As he traveled deeper he saw many beasts like the one at the river, torturing, flaying, and doing unspeakable things to Cuties with varying degrees of depravity and violence.
He saw another waterfall and headed towards it, but as he got closer, he realized that it’s a constant stream of Cuties falling from the sky into the abyss somewhere below the cliff.
Daegna’ar needed to get out of this place, but he saw no way out. The further he traveled, the more he got lost. The only way out, it seems, is through the rifts in the sky where the Cuties were falling from. He had to figure out a way to get to that tear and set himself free.