Gear Items

Gear items are equipable items that players can equip on their Cuties to better their stats.

These items can be equipped into Cutie item slots and they are divided into slot-type items.

Additionally, these items change the visual representation of a Cutie when equipped.

After equipping items on the Cutie its stats changed accordingly to the item values (plus set bonus where applicable)

Special Cuties do not change their appearance. Those special ones are Unique Cuties and Tribute Cuties.

Currently, there are no items that improve Cutie's element score. The only stats the items can affect are:

  • Attack

  • Defense

  • Evasion

  • Luck

  • Drop Chance

  • Experience Boost

  • Raid Power

In addition to the common values of the items, they can give a "set buff" when multiple items from a set are equipped. Items that grant a set bonus have "Set x#" columns in their stat sheets. The # represents the number of set items needed to be equipped on the Cutie for that bonus to be applied.

Set bonus is not cumulative. The bonus is applied depending on the number of items equipped.

In addition to the set bonus, some items offer a Season Buff during Seasons and Events. For more information on that refer to Season Buff article

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