A Cause For Concern

The news of Trolls reached the city of Eosgrad, where the signs of a battle with the Daegna’ar’s army were still scarring the walls and the nearby scorched land. What was worse is that the traveling merchants from Skogmark were coming in less and less, bringing tales of their travels, that worried the local officials. These merchants told of huge beasts that cordoned off everything between Twin Peaks and Mt. Sudarl. What’s worse, was that the mountains now have been covered in mist, that rolled off into the foothills, and covered everything up to Twin Peaks, making travel impossible through regular routes. Many of the travelers barely made it out alive to tell the tale of the Trolls, leaving behind their comrades as they ran away from barrages of stones flung by the creatures, hoping not to get crushed.

The news finally reached the Soranus-13 network, which forced Daegna’ar and Dr. Holmes to send out a request for aid to some of their trusted contacts in the Ethereum federation and Tron Coalition, to move forces toward Skogmark and Eosgrad. The proxies that were a last resort have been used, to notify the required people, even though it put Soranus-13 at risk. No Tron Corporation knew that the former Kenshi Corp. staff survived the massacre in the tower, and now were aiding Daegna’ar and Dr. Holmes in their endeavor to research applications of the energies of Infernum, amongst other interests.

As Ethereum’s and Tron's forces started to reinforce Skogmark and Eosgrad, the Hikami clan answered the call as well, followed by a few dozen of Keepers of the North, walking through the gates of Eosgrad.

While the cities were gathering strength and fortifying their position, Soranus-13 researchers found a strong energy source, that was emitting similar energy as the seals, but it was a strong and continuous signal as if it was a beacon for them. The source of the energy was located at the Ruins of Almare, and without hesitation, Drago’s team along with Meldave’er were deployed to investigate.

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