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All of this information is also available within the game on the Season Info page

Season Points (or Season Experience) are something that players earn through in-game activities to progress through Season Levels.

Season levels can be found here. That is the main screen for all your season reward claiming and planning. Plus there are a few handy shortcuts to Raids, Crafting, and Tournaments.

The level bar is quite straightforward to operate. You can scroll the bar using the mouse wheel, click the side arrows to navigate, or even drag it with a mouse click, on a desktop. On mobile, it's quite straightforward as well.

When a level is acquired players are able to claim the prizes on these paths. The basic one is free, Premium requires a Season Pass Purchase.

One Level of the season pass is 1000 Season Points.

As there are 2 different reward paths, there are 2 different daily limits on Season Points:

  • Basic: players will be able to acquire 1250 Season Points per day through Season Activities.

  • Premium: players will be able to acquire 4500 Season Points per day through Season Activities.

The Season Activities are mostly added to the daily limit. However, there are some sources of Season Points that go around the Daily Limit, making it possible to acquire a little bit more every day, depending on the productivity of a player.

The season point sources and point acquisition

Acquisition Methods that are counted in the Season Point Daily Cap

  • Dead Steppes | Won: 3 SP | Loss: 1 SP

  • City of Dis | Win: 13 SP | Loss: 7 SP

  • River Phlegethon | Win: 60 SP | Loss: 50 SP

  • Great Temple of Voices | Win: 225 SP | Loss: 175 SP

  • Cocytus | Win: 20 SP | Loss: 20 SP

  • ✭ Demonic Eireen Holmes | Win: 30 SP | Loss: 15 SP

  • Any Other Boss | Win: 11 SP | Loss: 8 SP

  • Breeding Challenge: 250 SP

Acquisition Methods that are not counted in the Season Point Daily Cap

Crafting | Dependent on the recipe

Tournaments | Depends on the tournament and the finishing position in the tournament

Season Quests | Depends on the quest that is completed

Happy hunting!

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