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Chapter I: Moving on

The battle of Infernum is over. The time has come to build a new legacy.
As Soranus-13 is being settled further Meldave'er proposes to make himself useful in the overworld by sharing more regarding his knowledge of the artifacts, paths, and other useful things that connect Infernum and Cutieland. As a warlock in Infernum, Meldave’er has been a part of the recording that goes on in the Temples of Voices, along with maintaining the Book of the Dead. The Temples of Voices held all of the knowledge since the great Fall. All of it came from the souls of those who passed from the land of the living and arrived in Infernum. Meldave’er put down the information from the new arrivals and learned many things from their lives. For example locations of hidden artifacts, secret societies, cults, and even minor deities that roam the mortal realm in search of followers to grow their power.
After discussing many options on how to continue their research into the Infernum energies, Daegna’ar and Meldave'er reach the conclusion that they have to send out expeditions to find the artifacts known in Infernum and visit some ancient sites to expand upon their knowledge of the energies from down below.
The first expedition was crucial, there was no time to explore uncertain leads. According to Meldave’er, there is a physical passage from the Underworld to Cutieland, far North of the new location of the Soranus-13 facility. Finding it was made their number one priority. The Lord of Dis was a keen scholar, the same as any warlock under his rule, and that made him a very knowledgeable leader. The Lord of Dis knew many things that most Infernum inhabitants only dream of knowing. One such thing are the legends of a passage back to the mortal plane through Hades. Quite a hopeful legend for a vengeful Lord of Infernum. Meldave’er cautioned Daegna’ar about this and proposed to explore the defense plan first. He explained how the pathway works and how it could become a significant issue for them unless it’s made sure that it is properly guarded by a powerful demon. Additionally, it was proposed to settle an outpost there to serve as an early notice if the guardian fails to keep Sahmael behind the gates.
One thing they had to note is that the local beliefs were very different in those lands, and their deities were unlike the local ones that they grew accustomed to. These deities are called Olympians. Their name comes from the place they reside in – Mount Olympus. It has been told centuries ago that these Olympians were the ones who gained their supremacy in a ten-year war. According to the mythos, these Gods went against their predecessors, the Titans, and took over Olympus in a War of Gods. Where they reside until this day, away from the mortals.
This passage is a focal point of matter, where Underworld, Cutieland, and Olympus come together. An interdimensional hallway.
The first destination for the expedition was Athina. A busy port city on Olympos Island, which was under the control of the Romioi Empire, located near Mount Olympus itself. It was the biggest city on the island, which meant it was the best place to find out more information about what was happening in the region and generate more potential leads on artifacts and other local curiosities.
Before the start of the mission, Meldave’er requested for a briefing to be held, so that he can lay out all of the information they had at this time on the table so that everyone would be on the same page.
During the briefing, Meldave’er shared what he researched before their departure using the recorded information from the Temples of Voices that the Cuties collected during their time in Infernum. As he studied a lot of this information many years ago, he could recall some details that helped him find what was important for the mission ahead.
Hades was a neighboring kingdom of Infernum, and a lot of its history has been recorded in the Temples of Voices. Meldave’er shared legends that spoke about the pathway in Hades that leads to the overworld. It is said that its gates are guarded by Cerberus, the three-headed hound with a serpent for its tail. Finding this pathway as soon as possible was their top priority. Any additional knowledge and sites they found were just extra at this time.
On the other hand, this “hallway” could be used without the need for portals, and allow for the power production that Dr. Holmes was so keen on.
As soon as they establish a foothold around the entrance, Soranus-13 operations could be expanded to Olympos Island to further their efforts in the research of Eerie energy.
Right after the briefing had concluded, Meldave’er and Sucinai gathered their squad of specialists that will aid them in their mission and traveled North using the portal technology of Soranus-13.