Round Based Battles

Round based battles

The Round based battles are the first variation of the combat mechanic in the game. It is fully automatic. This means, that whenever a Cutie is going on an adventure, the battle will be automatically rolled and the player will only get a report back of what has happened during the battle.

In this type of battle, the winner is decided by winning 2 rounds in total. Rounds that end up in a draw do not count towards the overall score.

There are 2 phases in combat. Attack and Defense.

During the attack phase of the Cutie, its attack value is derived from the following:

Power + Attack + Element (if applicable) + 20 sided dice roll (further d20)

Whenever one Cutie attacks their opponent is in the defense stage, which is calculated as so:

Power + Defense + Element (if applicable) + d20

Whoever has the higher value wins the turn.

One round consists of 2 turns, meaning, both Cuties have an Attack and a Defense phase. Whoever wins more turns wins the round. It can be 2:0, 1:0 (whenever there is a draw for one round). If both Cuties win 1 turn each, the round is considered a draw, and no points are allocated towards the total battle score.

Here is an example of an RB battle:

In the first round, our Cutie Won. It rolled a 16 on a d20 and the power rating of the Cutie (12) has been added to the attack. The defending opponent rolled a 5 and its element, which is a negative value, took away from its defense.

The turn goes to our Cutie as 28>3.

Next turn, the opponent is attacking. They rolled a 13 and the negative element also hindered their attack, lowering their score to 11.

However, our Cutie lucked out and evaded the attack altogether, which automatically makes the round a win for us.

The whole round goes to us here with a score of 2:0. The total score now is 1:0 in our favor.

Let's take a look at the second round:

In the first turn of the round, we attack again.

Our Cutie ends up with a score of 27, while the defending Cutie fumbled the defense completely, losing the turn.

The round score is 1:0

The opponent attacks now. Rolling a score of 14, but our Cutie ended up with 27.

14<27 so our Cutie wins this turn as well.

The round score becomes 2:0 in our favor, we gain another Round point. This, in turn, makes the overall score also 2:0. As the win condition is 2 points, we win the battle and gain experience and the game rolls our drop.

This type of combat is used in Adventures and Raid Bosses.

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