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Tron City, the way of the Future

When the Last King of The Faomori has fallen, the hellspawn minions have been traveling towards Nordurhof, trying to escape the pursuing Cutie forces that have been searching for the remaining ice demons and other hell spawns in the area. This group had the body of their King, and they were looking for a way to bring him back. They still felt his power, but it was dwindling with every day.
Finally, after moving through the Eosgard gulf and the Metamask stait, they have been making their way through the Sea of the Serpent. They finally reached land, after weeks of traveling through the ice-cold waters of the sea.
The ice demons reached Nordurhof and continued their journey inland. It didn’t take long before they reached the first cities. But the Cuties and cities here were very different. The tall buildings were towering over the streets laid in concrete. These Cuties had big metal caskets on wheels, with glass windows, that zoomed on the streets of the metropolis, and some of them even flew! It was bright, even at night. It was loud all the time. It felt surreal that the machinery all around the city would make so much noise. Within this noise, there was no presence of faith or magic.
While traveling through the land of Nordurhof, the group went through a city called Ultar. There, they’ve heard of Tron City and the Mega Corporations that run the lands of the Tron Empire. There are no kings or royalty. Only executive officers and tech giants that they run.
There were a lot of rumors about Kenshi Corp. It’s said that this corporation has been specializing in military technologies, augmenting soldiers with state-of-the-art implants and prosthetics. Some even went as far as speculating that there are black sites where Kenshi Corp. does unlicensed experiments to make super soldiers and attempt to conquer death itself. That was the reason why the ice demons brought Daegna’ar’s lifeless body into Tron City.
The first order of business was to find the Kenshi Corp. headquarters, which did not pose a problem, as it was one of the 3 tallest buildings in the center of the city, that you could see from nearly any part of town. These skyscrapers were huge – ice demons never saw anything like it.
Several days, the demons have been scouting the place, keeping track of Cutie movements, schedules, and activities that have been going on in the Kenshi Corp. building. At the same time, they have been picking out the most submissive targets for themselves to possess. They’ve managed to pinpoint nine Kenshi Corp. employees to convert and use as vessels to scout inside of the building.
Within a few days, they’ve managed to figure out a lot about this place. Apparently, the rumors were not far off from the truth. While it’s a closely guarded secret, Kenshi Corp. had a resident genius in their research team – Dr. Eireen Holmes.
Eireen Holmes is the lead researcher in bio-weapons and gene sequencing augmentation for super soldiers. She always was an ambitious lizard and has been trying to persuade the higher-ups of Kenshi Corp. to take a new path for the corporation and aggressively push the niche of biological weapons, new-age weaponry, and super augmentation.
It has never gone anywhere, due to the unethical and gray area methodology Miss Holmes was promoting. With all that in mind, Kenshi Corp. has been utilizing a lot of its energy to steer Eireen into something different and use her talents in much more popular branches.
However, over the years, she has shown that she will not be toyed with. She is revered by the research community of the corporation, and at the same time, those who work for her, fear her and her standards. Eireen Holms is always looking for the perfection and absolute effectiveness of the process and the end product. She’s been known to be cold and detached from any form of empathy to a point where violence is a tool as well. When a project is under her supervision, she is fanatical and will stop at nothing to get the results. Even with all that in mind, there’s a long list of applicants that want to work under her on any project she is assigned to.
The ice demons realized that this lizard scientist will be the only one who can bring Daegna’ar back from the dead. The problematic part of this whole endeavor was that Eireen never left the research building. She lived in it, and getting into it was not an easy feat.
It took a few days to figure out the security protocols and a method of delivering Daegna’ar to Miss Holmes in her research bunker under Kenshi Corp. tower. But they’ve managed to figure out a plan on how to sneak in the King’s body through security in a container under the guise of it being research materials.
After that was done, Eireen was lured into the operating wing, where she was met with two tables set up next to each other with what seemed to be corpses. She wasn’t sure, as they were covered with sheets. But what else could it be?
Eireen took off the sheet on one of the tables and unveiled a gruesome ice-covered body, peppered with shrapnel and wounds all around it. The cadaver opened its eyes and slowly sat up.
“Hello, Dr. Holmes. It is time for you to play a decisive role in the fate of this world.” — said the cadaver.
Instead of fear, her eyes filled with some sort of a deranged excitement.
Eireen walked to a screen next to the door and disabled the audio and video recording devices for the lab. Making this conversation discreet. Along with that, she scrubbed all of the recordings for the day.
After a few minutes of fiddling with the screen, she came to the second operating table with a much larger body and pulled the sheet off of it. Under the sheet was Daegna’ar. His body was disfigured and broken. When Eireen saw it, she realized what was the reason for the peculiar visit of these creatures. Her eyes lit up with excitement.
She understood that the creature on the table was the leader, and the one that had spoken to her was but a lackey. To make any headway in the situation and understand their goals she must help the barely alive broken mess on the table, without wasting time with the minion.
The body was radiating powerful energy, and she wanted to know more about it. But before that can happen she has to do all she can to bring this creature back. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time.
She asked the ice demon, how many are there around in the facility and commanded him to tell her all of the information about the whereabouts of his allies. The demon didn’t take that tone kindly, and lost his temper, grabbing the scientist by her throat, lifting her up from the floor, snarling that she will do as he says, or else. To which, the demon received a calm and collected response: “Or else your leader will be dead. You came to me as I am the last chance for your friend here to stay alive. If you harm me, there is not a snowball’s chance in a microwave this guy will come out of his state, and will die. Now set me down, and do what I say.”
The demon seemed to put two and two together and put the doctor down on the ground. But it didn't look happy about it.
This kicked off the beginning of the end. Miss Holmes ordered every ice demon to report to the underground lab of Kenshi Tower, in the experimental medical facility Soranus.
All of the possessed Cuties have reported within hours, bringing along the original host bodies with them in cargo boxes to not bring any attention. Like with Daegna’ar’s body.
In total, there were 13 bodies to be augmented.
Eireen started with Deagna’ar. She connected him to all sorts of machines and began gathering information on the state he is in. After some diagnostic data was collected, she brought a miracle device that shot some sort of gel into the wounds, mending it like healing magic.
When the mending device was done, she left him to heal for a few hours, tending to the rest of the group. Deagna’ar’s diagnostics showed that he was responsive to the treatment and Eireen decided it was time to pull him out of the coma he was in and fix him up with cybernetics.
She brought down some kind of iron curtains onto the windows using the control panel in the operating room, the door snapped shut and sealed itself. Eireen brought out a syringe with some sort of murky white liquid in it. The needle was very long and thick. She plunged the syringe into the giant’s chest with force and injected the liquid.
Daegna’ar’s eyes snapped open and he released a harrowing bellow out. His eyes were full of confusion and rage, like a wounded animal in a corner. He started to flail his broken and torn limbs around. He tried to get up from the table, but his legs were in no condition to hold him up, so he fell down to the floor, snarling and bellowing at the doctor with deranged panic in his eyes.
When she looked down into his eyes, Eireen Holmes, felt something she hadn't been familiar with. She felt genuine fear. She bowed to the Last King of Faomori, which calmed Daegna’ar down. He looked around and saw the bodies of his minions connected to machines, and a group of scientists staring at him, along with one of the ice demons. The ice demon introduced him to the situation and explained that the doctor brought him back.
And that his vessel – Darkir Tungu has been destroyed, and it’s likely that it can’t be brought back, as some shards evaporated in the explosion.
After the creatures seemed to have reached the end of their conversation, Eireen got up from the ground and introduced herself, pushing down her fear and trembling that she felt in front of this beast.
She offered Daegna’ar a deal, she scratches his back and he scratches hers. Eireen rebuilds his body, imbues him with latest technology in body modifications and enhancement the money can buy, in exchange for help to bend the opposing corporations and the higher ups to her needs, so they can make even stronger and deadly soldiers. In addition, she requested that he agrees for her to experiment on his minions in pursuit of perfecting the super soldier formula.
Daegna’ar agreed to it, not even knowing the full extent of opportunities he will have available to him.
While he was out cold, Daegna’ar changed, he came back to the land of the living a different person. Reclusive and always distracted. He had voices in his head, telling him of plans, ancient and ambitious. He was promised the rule of the world he was pulled from by the doctor. They promised him to rise above the current hierarchy and take the place at the top of it.
Eireen Holmes had to prove herself to Daegna’ar. He ordered her to make his minion a super soldier. She augmented the demon with a reinforced spine, capable of withstanding being run over by a tank several times without breaking. And fixed up all of its wounds. Then fitted the minion with enhanced limbs that made the creature stronger than most living beings on the planet, and to add to it, she put a laser cannon into its arm for a quick and easy battle-ready solution as a weapon, which it could control with its mind. Deagna’ar was so impressed that he ordered all of his minions to be augmented with this technology, along with him.
‍ He didn’t share much detail of his inner turmoil with anyone, but he did talk about this in passing with the Doctor, while she was fitting him with new limbs. She made him new legs that were faster and stronger than he had before, and they never got tired now. And she made him a new arm, fitted with a laser cannon which shot charged burst beams and could sustain a beam for a prolonged time to cut through nearly everything. The cherry on top of this bionic sundae was the facial reconstruction that Dr. Holmes performed on Daegna’ar. He could see so much more now! The new bionic eye implant worked in tandem with his new limbs while in combat. It made calculations on the fly, adjusting his blows to the ongoing situation for maximum efficiency. Daegna’ar was a fearsome warrior before, but now, every single Cutie will bow or meet its maker. Thus, the beginning of the end has begun…