Cutie Types

Cuties are split into three groups: Regular Cuties, Tribute Cuties, and Unique Cuties


While a cat is not a very exotic animal, they come in so many different shapes and colors! They also have quite a few lives!

Type bonus Stats:

  • 4% Luck


They call the dog "A man's best friend", or the good boys/girls!

Type bonus stats :

  • Defense +2


Don't wake one up if you know what's good for you!

Type bonus Stats :

  • Attack +2


Agile and dangerous critters, best at surviving extreme conditions!

Type bonus stats :

  • Attack +1

  • Defense +1


Sly and cunning. Watch your back!

Type bonus stats :

  • +4% Evasion


Full of spines but far from spineless!

Type bonus stats :

  • Attack +1

  • +15% Loot Drop Chance


Piglets with their own oink-specific attributes!

Type bonus stats :

  • +2% Luck

  • +15% Loot Drop Chance


The fast and the furious warriors of Cutieland.

Type bonus stats :

  • +2% Luck

  • +2% Evasion

There are also some special species:


These have been released as a special batch of Cuties early in the development, as a sub-type for a limited run of Special Unique Cuties.

You can find all of the available Owl Cuties right here

Owl attribute adds +3 to Air Element

Apart from the Owl type, there is one more owl-based Cutie Owlbert, but it has been placed as a Mythic with its own special attribute.


Currently, the Pet type is limited to one Unique Cutie.

These aliens regenerate 1 adventure cooldown step per 24 hours.

These Cuties were a limited edition run of 10 Aliens in total, and they were sold exclusively on Ethereum Blockchain.

They were one of the first Unique Cuties to become available in the game.


Mythic Cuties are very special. They are the only pet types that can cause birth of a Mutant Cutie.

Two Mythic Cuties will always bring a Mutant as a result, if a Mythic is bred with another pet type it is a 50%\50% chance.

Pet type bonus stats:

  • +20% Drop Rate

  • +20% Exp Rate

  • +3 Raid Boss Bonus


Mutants are collectible for the most part.

They are absolutely neutral in elements and have no ups or downs from a stat perspective.

Some players use these Cuties on Raids when they don't have a favorable bunch of cuties for that specific Raid Boss weaknesses or strengths. They serve somewhat as an equalizer for the Raid Boss runs.

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