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ACT I: A-Z Space Massacre

Ichoridan and his minions have been ripping through the research facility very quickly, after making their way through the tech center where he was revived. As soon as the tech center was breached A-Z Space Industries researchers have been attempting to send out a distress signal, but unbeknownst to them, Ultec Robotics have been suppressing their outgoing communications, leaving them to survive in the facility on their own.
Going through the building floor by floor, Ichoridan was picking out the high-ranking members of staff and converting them into his firstborn, to further his army, and become more aware of the situation he has been pulled into. He learned a lot from his first 2 converts, Isra and Nevin.
Isra was the Research Center Director and the A-Z Space Industries board member, who knew all about the gateways and how the technical information was gathered in the first place. These portals were believed to lead to a new untapped source of energy that could be harvested from the underworld, and it would be unparalleled to anything that this world has ever seen. As they did not know much about the other dimension, they’ve yet to perfect their navigation devices to control where the gateway could be opened. And since a vast majority of research staff have been turned into husks, there is no one left to dive deeper into the navigation mysteries of the Underworld.
The second major player of the Firstborn was Nevin McMurphy, the Head of Finance for A-Z Space Industries, who got stuck in the Tech Center by mere coincidence, as he had an unscheduled meeting with one of the Heads of Research, to figure out the extra funding that the Tech Center has requested to cover the Gateway and DV-1 Serum research.
Thanks to their money and influence, Ichoridan stepped into a very strong position to create a powerful army for himself. As he and his minions cleared the security wing of the building, Ichoridan found out that the skies have been covered by some huge metal birds, who surrounded the building from all sides. He saw that from these birds something was falling down onto the rooftop of the building. Those were the mechanized Ultec Robotics special forces that were making their way towards them from the top of the building.
Ichoridan knew that these things are coming, but didn’t know yet, that Ultec Robotics have been coming for him and all of the research they could get from the Labs and the Tech Center.
The machines were carving through the husk army like through paper dolls, they knew no pain, or fatigue from battle. Ichoridan realized that he would have to face similar powerful weaponry that defeated him the first time around, and it was a significantly greater force than he had fought before. He started to look for a way out of the new prison he has found himself in. It was still daytime so fleeing outside was out of the question for the next several hours, which he did not have and he had to act quickly.
Ichoridan gave an order to the Firstbornto to hide in the piles of corpses scattered around the floors, and play dead, as he darted towards the elevator shafts, knowing that the utility tunnels below the complex will keep him safe until he is able to escape into the night. He dove into the dark abyss of the elevator shafts, as the gunfire moved closer to his floor. The darkness was very familiar and comfortable for him. He settled down to wait out until the commotion on the floors above would die down and he could make an attempt to flee.