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Tournaments are an ever-evolving part of Blockchain Cuties Universe.
This was the place where the HBB were introduced.
Currently, there are 2 types of Tournaments generated twice a day, at 00:00 GMT and at 12:00 GMT
  • Standard Tournaments
  • Season Tournaments
The difference between those 2 types is very simple. The standard tournaments run at all times and have no special modifiers added to their battles. While the Season tournaments also have the Season Buff applied during the fights. Otherwise, they are very similar in how they are run.
There are 2 entry fee types. Item entry fees, usually, that is Dust. And the second kind is a monetary entry fee. The money tournament's pool is comprised of the entry fees of participating players.
Money Tournaments require an offchain currency balance
The tournaments are generated for all kinds of setups. One part of the rules is the level requirement for the Cuties that can participate in the tournaments. They range from level 1 up to level 13. The elements are randomized every time they are generated as well. The seasonal tournaments always have the Season Logo next to the elements.
Season Tournament (above) and Regular Tournament (below)
When opening a tournament, the player is greeted with a panel of information where they can learn what the tournament is all about.
Players can see how many participants are there in the tournament currently, the required elements, the entry fee, and level requirements.
Below all of that information there is a Rewards section. Here is where the placement pools are displayed. Top 1 of course gets the whole reward pool, so does the top 2 position. After that it gets a little bit more confusing for some, the top 4 reward pool is divided by the players in positions 3 and 4. Not giving the amount listed for both players.
At the bottom of the panel, some tournaments have participation rewards based on Wins in the tournaments.
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