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Supported Blockchains

If you are very new to blockchain technology as a whole, here are some articles that can help you understand how all blockchains work:
Now that we got some understanding of the technology behind the game, remember, each blockchain has different goals and values, so doing a bit of research could be beneficial in the long run for any player.
Already know what blockchain to start with? Great! But, maybe, you don't and that's okay too. We recommend starting on Tron (TRX), Matic, NEO as the most cost-effective solutions or Ethereum (ETH) as it has been one of the most popular blockchains in the game and you will have many things to choose from.
One favorite for the players is Tron Blockchain as it's easy to use and it's super cost-effective for the players in the long run with its freezing energy mechanics for the transactions on the blockchain.
Let’s login!
In order to log in to the game, you need a blockchain wallet. As we have 5 blockchains available for our players to play on, here are the recommended Wallet extensions for playing on Desktop:
We also offer our own wallet solution - Private Key! It is a built-in game wallet, that you can export to any of the wallet extensions above and use there!
Here are the dedicated guides for each individual Blockchain: