The Dream Walker

Through all these years, the giantess was able to invade the dreams of Cuties thanks to the last remaining link with the world, her favorite companion - The Cat of Jol.

It took a lot of time to regain the connection, finding small cracks in the guard, and with the passage of time, these cracks formed her own lucid-dream highway. While she was able to visit Cutieland through dreams of Cuties, there was no possible way that even the strongest and most wise of Jotuns could pass through the shield of Gods physically. The cracks offered very little leeway with the dream travel as it was, taking a lot of strength to attempt. Even then, not all of the attempts were successful.

Now, the Old Gods stepped away, drained of their power, as new Gods gained power through their followers. Finally, Grylla could visit more often without interruption and for longer hours. Through her influence, the Cat of Jol found out about the seals that the Old Gods left to power the barrier, even if they would abandon this world.

These seals were scattered around the old homestead of the Jotuns - the mountains and the newly build cities that murmured at the feet of these mountains. There were a total of 9 seals, 9 artifacts, that were holding the shield between the world and Jotunheim. As time went by, the Cat of Jol, found some of the artifacts and broke them, weakening the guard. When the Cuties were battling the king of the Faomori, the fifth artifact was broken, and 2 more were found and destroyed right after.

Now only two seals stood between the freedom of Jotuns and any semblance of peace in Cutieland.

Zeroed in on the 8th artifact by the Cat of Jol, Grylla began to prepare her people for the inevitable end of their captivity in Utgard. Warriors sharpened their axes and decorated their clubs. Shamans and healers conjured power for the upcoming battle. And the arcanists prepared war beasts - trolls, to lead the march back to the world. The giantess was prophesying a great war upon their return. Telling the Jotuns of the changes the world went through since the day they were sent to Jotunheim.

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