The Morbid Messenger

Arriving at the Ruins of Almare, the team moved into the ruins without delay, hoping that the source would shed more light on the mystery. What they would find was much more than they’d bargained for. Upon the rubble which was once some sort of a pagan temple, sat an enormous shade. It looked like a shadow, a void with bright glowing eyes and a sinister smirk. They knew that it was waiting for them. The shade calmly stood up and gracefully tiptoed to the group of mercenaries. It greeted them with a malevolent look and sat down right in front of them.

The shade introduced themselves as the Cat of Jol, a servant for Grylla of Jotuns. The Cat told them to make haste and leave this land, taking everyone with them from the settlements nearby, otherwise, the Jotuns will take what belongs to them by force. It spoke of the ancient times when the Old Gods banished the Jotuns out of spite who defended their homestead. After tens of thousands of years beyond the veil, they finally came home to settle back in and live their best giant lives - conquering land and purging the weak. The warcries and burial hymns will be the songs sung from here on in, and combat will be the law and order of this world.

The Cat also told them about the artifacts that sealed the Utgard away from the world, and breaking them brought Jotunheim back into this realm. Now, when they run away and prepare for war in their corner, they should know that Jotunheim will be the future of this world. Grylla and the Jotuns will soon come here to the Ruins of Alamare to awaken the forefather of Jotuns – Thrudgelmir. “Now run, save your people while you still can. Knowing that the days of your rule are coming to an end. The Jotun will be the new kings. Jotunheim will come to this land, covering all in snow and ice-cold winds” – Said the Cat of Jol. As the Cat concluded his message, he disappeared, as if dissolving in the shadows around them.

The whole team looked to Meldave’er for any semblance of confirmation of what they have heard. “We must hurry.” – He uttered – “ There isn’t time to waste. The messenger concluded its task, now action will be taken.” The team moved back towards the Soranus-13 base, meanwhile telecommunicating, to Daegna’ar and Dr. Holmes everything they’d heard and seen in the ruins. On their way back, Drago received an order to stay around the Alamare Ruins and scout for more information, while Meldave’er returned back and gather information on the danger ahead of them. With all that the Cat of Jol shared with them, they still did not really know what or who to expect. They only knew that another end of days is coming, and very few could help with stopping this from happening.

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