A fate unknown

This could have been the ending to the Season 7 storyline. But the Community chose another timeline through the community BCUG Vote!

Eireen fell to the ground, screaming and sobbing. The allure of the mystical prophecy was no more and the reality came rushing through the veil of deceit. She realized that she made a careless mistake, a mistake that cost Daegna’ar his, once eternal, life. She understood that it was just another war, where those who are stronger and better at deceit will be the ones who later write history. Eireen pulled the rest of herself together, stood up, and started hobbling towards the bloody remains of the King of Faomori. The battle raged on and moved away, leaving behind only charred corpses of the fallen, buried in shells, pikes, swords, and debris. The tears were running down her face, rocket barrages flew overhead, and shrapnel was whizzing through the air. But all of that didn’t matter anymore.

As she walked closer, Sahmael landed right in front of Eireen, blocking her way to the defeated blue demon. He was covering his true eyes with his left hand while holding his cracked sword Vur Chavvui in the right. He was still covered in water from the River Styx. Eireen pushed him away, continuing her walk of pain and regret toward the crater that the explosion created just moments ago. When Eireen finally walked up to the edge of the crater, she fell to her knees, howling. Love was dead and there is no turning back.

Moments later, Eireen felt a sharp and jagged blade pierce her heart. Sahmael, looking at the wallowing mortal figured that there is no more use for her anymore. She was the one that cost him so much. Eireen didn’t turn around to face her executioner. She accepted her fate, and fell into the crater, stopping at the bottom of the pit, where her king perished to the same blade. She fell on her back, looking up to the ashen clouds above, twisted by the whirlwinds of Infernum. Eireen felt her life fleeting away from her body, and the body itself was turning to ash, picked up by the winds of Infernum, and scattered over the raging battle nearby.

Sahmael shoved his sword back into the scabbard with force and once again took to the clouds. Their king was dead, but many loyal fighters were still battling Sahmael’s forces, this was to be attended to.

After Deagna’ar’s fall, the lost souls that pledged allegiance scattered from the battlefield. The army of Dis was putting a noose on the remainder of the interloper army, surrounding it from every side. Daegna’ar’s army was trying to move back south toward the Ultec Robotics force, gathering all non-military personnel they could on their way there. The forces descending from the southern hills toward the battlefield have been very efficient in fending off the aerial attacks of the demons and gaining ground very quickly. Something has to be done.

The Black Wing was defeated, the aerial attacks were costly, and the only way in or out of the city was the embankment built across the river. Sahmael was trying to figure out a course of action with the remaining forces at his disposal: a few hundred warlocks that were supporting the warriors with protection sigils and dark shrouds in battle, a legion of very heavy infantry, and around ten to fifteen war machines that were rendered ineffective by the interloper’s artillery.

The ash storm was gaining strength, the aerial demon squads started to lose sight of the enemy forces. On the upside, the Ultec Robotics war machines had no issue operating in the darkest of situations. Both armies finally linked up and shared intel. The news was devastating. They had no way of opening a new portal back to Cutieland, meaning that they are trapped in Infernum indefinitely, and had to fight their way back and find refuge somewhere within these cursed lands to figure out a plan.

Sahmael clearly saw how much this petty squabble cost him and his city. The city no longer had avian soldiers, the elite Black Wing was nearly destroyed, thousands of demon soldiers fell in battle, and what was the worst of it all, Ba’alzathar was also taken by this skirmish. The gates and walls were breached and ruins were scattered all around the perimeter, making the city very vulnerable. This battle was for nothing. A complete farce. The only thing that was of value is the knowledge that Infernum possesses incredible potential with Eerie energy, yet the way of taming this energy and using it at his will still eluded him. As was the knowledge that there is a way back up. A way still unknown to the warlocks and engineers of Infernum. Also, the technology the interlopers had allowed them to move armies fast, without the need to tire them out with weeks of marching. It has unparalleled power of maneuverability of large armies. All this new knowledge was a strong upper hand in the real of Infernum.

As the Cutieland armies were trying to figure out a way back home, Meldave'er, the surviving warlock who pledged loyalty to the King of Faomori, shared his knowledge with the leaders of the armies. He told them about the kingdom North of Infernum - Hel. Also known as Helheim. A forever frozen, cold, and dark kingdom of the dead. Where all but heroes arrive as they pass in the overworld. He also shared with them that South of Infernum there are other kingdoms just like the ones they know about, where the dead roam forever. Each kingdom is run by its own rules and leaders, each one different from the last. With all that said, he told the Cuties that far North there is a place called Hades. Legends say that there they might find a way back to the overworld, the land of the living.

With all the new information, a meeting was held by General Sucinari. Where the officers of both armies discussed the course of action. It was decided to travel to Hades. The path there will be long, dangerous, and grueling. But if there’s a chance to come back home from this hell hole, it was their best shot. The remaining armaments and equipment were supposedly enough to get to Hades, thanks to the Eerie-powered weaponry and tech.

The remaining army of Cutieland still had some of the Infernum forces with them, notably, some demons, lost souls, and one elder warlock who managed to survive the battle of Dis. They stayed as they became inspired by the great sacrifice of the King of Faomori and now would never recuse themselves from his army. The united forces started their journey north. Going around Dis and crossing the River Styx near the only island north of the city. After that, they moved along Cocytus, crossing it where it falls into Lethe. On their way, they successfully fought off multiple attacks from the local groups of demons, and in a span of a few months managed to arrive at Hades. The legends were true. There was a way back to the land of the living, and the united forces arrived back at Cutieland. Yet, something was not sitting right with most of the survivors. Something changed.

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