With Cat of Jol and Meldave'er out of the fight, Daegna'ar seized the opportunity to deliver a powerful strike to Grylla. Channeling all his strength and hatred, he unleashed a devastating blow that sent Grylla hurtling backward, defeated, and battered.

As Grylla turned limp in the corner of the chamber, her body started to deteriorate into the whistling winds of the ruins, once more becoming one with the blizzard that rampaged outside.

The battle had been intense and had taken its toll on Cutieland. The ruins of Alamare stood as a testament to the epic struggle that had unfolded there. But amidst the rubble, a new era had begunβ€”a time of healing and rebuilding for Cutieland. At least, until a new threat raised its ugly head once more to try and conquer the unyielding yet adorable animal people and their land.

United by their bravery and strength, the defenders of Cutieland looked to the future, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. The heroic stand of Daegna'ar, Meldave'er, Drago Sucinai, and their allies had saved the land from the devastating power of Thrudgelmir and the wrath of Grylla.

The unsung heroes of Cutieland, whose stories will likely never be shared at the family dinner tables, or written about even in books of myths and legends.

As the sun set over the horizon, casting a warm glow upon the battlefield, hope and determination filled the hearts of the defenders. They knew that the fight against darkness and ancient powers would never truly end, but with them around, Cutieland would stand strong, ready to face whatever trials the future may hold even in the most dire of odds.

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