Oasis: Emerald

This guide will lead you through the process of onboarding onto the Emerald ParaTime of Oasis protocol.


Let’s cover the basics first.

To play Blockchain Cuties on Emerald ParaTime you can use metamask, but in order to acquire the chain native token, you will require the Oasis Wallet.

You can use the WebWallet or install their Browser Extension.

Metamask can be acquired here, for additional information please consult the Metamask documentation here.

When Metamask has been installed, the next step is to add the main network for Emerald into metamask.

If you are unsure how to add new networks to metamask please check out the information here.

The Emerald network information:

RPC HTTP endpoint:

  • https://emerald.oasis.dev

  • RPC WebSockets endpoint: wss://emerald.oasis.dev/ws

  • Chain ID: Hex: 0xa516

  • Decimal: 42262

  • Block explorer: https://explorer.emerald.oasis.dev

Native Token

The native token for the Emerald ParaTime is ROSE.

To acquire it on a specific ParaTime, you will need to go through this official guide from Oasis protocol. It explains everything quite well.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorial Oasis developers also have a thorough video tutorial.

Here's an alternative video we found online that explains the whole process super well!

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