Migration with NeoLine Wallet

  1. Please follow the prompt to back up your private key carefully.

  2. Go to the Migration To N3 website. Click CONNECT WALLET .

  3. Click Connect NeoLine to connect a NeoLine wallet.

  4. Click Connect .

  5. Select an asset you want to migrate.

  6. Input the amount you want to migrate.

    A 1 GAS fee is required if you are migrating less than 10 NEO or 20 GAS. This is because fees are now required on all Neo N3 transactions. Allowing users to migrate small quantities of tokens with no fee opens up an exploit where users could potentially spam transactions to burn Neo Foundation GAS inefficiently.

  7. Click Select an N3 address to select an N3 wallet address that you want to migrate to and then click Done .

  8. Click NEXT to start the migration.

  9. Confirm the migration information. If the information is correct, click NEXT . Otherwise, click the BACK button to revise the information.

  10. Click Yes to approve the migration.

  11. Wait for the migration process to complete. You can click Migration history to check the migration status.

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