Level Difference Drop Rate Modifier

Levels dictate how well a Cutie performs in an adventure. For lower levels

A multiplier has been applied to the drop rate calculation. This multiplier works the same way as the normal Drop Chance bonus from items.

So let's go over the multiplier for each level difference: level difference | drop chance decrease

Level DifferenceDebuff

























As you can see after a difference of 3 levels there is a gradual fall-off in the drop multiplier and the drop chance will be much lower. Therefore players need to differentiate their farming patterns and become more versatile with how they utilize Cuties in adventure farming. For clarity, let's go over an example of how the actual drop % is calculated in the end, as the % above are actually multipliers and not the end result of the actual drop chance.

Let's say that the difference between the Cutie experience level and the adventure level is equal to 3, resulting in a -50% modifier, in other words a 0.5 multiplier. If, say, adventure drop was 20% for the adventure potion, 30% for a T-shirt, and 50% for not getting a drop (otherwise known as "empty drop"). After applying the multiplier, it becomes:

20 * 0.5 vs 30 * 0.5 vs 50 = 10 vs 15 vs 50 = 13.3% vs 20% vs 66.6% (all weights get multiplied except for the "empty drop").

This is where this gets a little tricky. One could mistakenly assume that 20% and 30% drop with 0.5 Drop Chance multiplier would result in 10%, 15% but as you can see in the calculation above, Drop Chance actually gets applied to the weights, not percentages themselves, resulting in 13.3% and 20% as 10 and 15 of 75 equate to 13.3% and 20% of total weight sum, respectively.

Very important to keep in mind is that the adventure level difference drop chance multiplier is multiplicative towards other Drop Chance bonuses, not additive.

Also please note that the difference is calculated from the lowest level in the range of the adventure, not the highest or average level.

In the example of the screenshot above, the multiplier is counted from the 5th level. As it's the lowest level in the range.

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