The Interruption

Inside the hidden chamber, the team found the crystalline structure containing Thrudgelmir's prison. The immense shade of the Jotun forefather pulsed with power, seemingly held in stasis by century-old ice. They began their delicate task of neutralizing Thrudgelmir's energy, all the while aware of the ongoing battle outside.

Meldave'er felt a familiar energy amidst the turmoil β€” an unmistakable presence that could only belong to one being in Cutieland, Daegna'ar. The Infernum Lord had snuck out from Soranus-13 and joined the fray, fighting the Jotuns to disrupt their efforts to reach the tomb.

As the team worked to complete their mission, a somber realization settled over Meldave'er. He could feel Daegna'ar's pain and the sorrow that emanated from the battlefield. In a moment of deep connection, Meldave'er knew that Daegna'ar was not just battling the Jotuns but also fighting his own pain.

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