Jotunheim or Death

As the battle reached its peak, Daegna'ar found a brief respite from Grylla's relentless assault. He saw an opportunity to strike back, his crimson blade whirling with renewed determination. With a mighty roar, he launched an overwhelming surge of infernal energy toward Grylla.

But Cat of Jol was not about to let Daegna'ar get the upper hand. With a swift move out of the shadows, the elusive feline lunged at the Infernum Lord, seeking to disrupt his attack. The cat's eyes glowed with malevolence as it tried to claw and bite at Daegna'ar, aiming to distract him long enough that his master would land the finishing blow.

Same as Cat of Jol, Meldave'er saw the danger and acted swiftly. With a burst of magical force, he intervened, disjointing Cat of Jol from the fight, drawing its attention away from Daegna'ar. The warlock faced the elusive cat with grit and determination, knowing that the fate of their mission depended on keeping the Infernum Lord in play, as he is the only one powerful enough to fight Grylla.

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