Cutie Marketplace

The Cutie marketplace is a space where players can buy or sell Cuties for the currency of the blockchain the Cutie resides on.

Selling a Cutie

If a Cutie is on TRX blockchain, it can not be sold for anything but TRX through the game marketplace.

There are 2 ways a Cutie can be listed on the market:

Both types are straightforward to set up.

When listing a Cutie, a transaction is required from the player who is posting the Cutie on the market, as the Cutie is transferred from the Player's wallet to the Market Smart Contract on the blockchain. That action requires a transaction on the blockchain to occur. The fee for the listing is defined by the blockchain parameters.

Static Auction

This type of auction is the basic one. This way players can list their Cutie on the marketplace, where it will be listed for the defined price by the player until it is bought by another player, or delisted by the owner manually. There are no time limits on how long a listing can be present in the marketplace.

Listing and delisting a Cutie on the market requires a transaction.

Dynamic Auction

This type of auction can be a great tool to pique the interest of potential buyers. That is due to the nature of this type of listing on the market. With it, players can list their Cuties with a specific starting and ending price, and the amount of time this change will take.

Here's an example of how it can be set up:

If the Start and End Price will be set to the same amount the price will be static.

When the Cutie is listed, as you can see in the screenshot, the Cutie's price will move towards the "End Price" value, and when it reaches that, it stops there until it is bought, or the listing is canceled from the market by the owner.

Purchasing a Cutie

Buying a new pet for your army is very straightforward. The listings can be found on the Marketplace Page. All you need is a blockchain wallet and enough resources on the wallet to complete the transaction. A transaction consists of the tx fee and the price of the Cutie.

The marketplace offers quite a bit of filtering options for players to use when searching for Cuties.

With the use of this tool, players can find specific Cuties.

From just simple filtering by blockchain to specific attributes with Cutie type and specified elements, and levels. The panel allows for experimentation!

All of the Cuties can be found on a separate page here. This helps a lot with research when something specific is not listed but exists in the game.

When you find the Cutie you're interested in, click on it, and the Cutie's page will open up.

A little below the Cutie's stats you will see the "Buy Now" button, that will prompt the purchase popup. The wallet extension that you are using will typically open it up automatically.

When you confirm the transaction, all you need to do now is to kick back and wait for the blockchain to process the request.

When the transaction completes the Cutie will be transferred to your wallet and become playable in the account.

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