Here you can find Ethereum blockchain onboarding guide

We recommend using MetaMask as your designated wallet in your browser.

Metamask is supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers.

When you install the extension to your browser, you will need to import or create an Ethereum wallet.

As you are new, let’s go ahead and click on “Create a Wallet”.

First thing first, we will need to create a local password.

This password will be stored ONLY on the current device. If you change computers, change storage or format this will be lost and you will have to import the wallet. Importing we will cover a bit later.

After you set a password up, you will be directed to the Secret Backup Phrase - VERY IMPORTANT.

Click on “Reveal the secret words and save them somewhere safe. The best way is to write them down in a journal, diary, a piece of paper and securely store it somewhere where you are 200% sure you will not lose it.

This phrase is the only way you will be able to recover the wallet in case you format or change devices. No one else has access to this information but you.

After you backed everything up and have the phrase in front of you, you will have to confirm it. The words are in a random order, click through them according to the order in the backup.

Congratulations! You have created your very first Ethereum wallet!

Feel free to poke around the menus.

When you are ready to play, go back to and click the Metamask logo.

A window will pop up asking to connect to the game. This will only show your public address to the game so it knows who is interacting with the game.

Click “Connect” and then Sign the TOS of Blockchain Cuties. You can read the TOS here or follow the link in the signature request.

Congratulations! You have created your in-game account! It is bound to your wallet address.

When you are comfortable with Ethereum, you can add all of the blockchains into one account and play on all of the blockchains at the same time! More on that can be found in the Blockchains article

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