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Item Marketplace

​Item market is a place where players can trade items that are not personal.
Players can list their items for whichever price they feel the item is worth, and if they are looking for a specific item, they can place a purchase order and set the price they are willing to pay for that item.
This functionality is possible due to the implementation of the Offchain Wallets. Before using the item marketplace we recommend reading the article on how to set up your offchain wallet balance.
In the item market players can filter out items based on the item type, rarity, level requirement range, enchant level, and filter offers based on the blockchain with which currency they want to purchase the item.
Item market filter panel
Going through the offers list on the marketplace, there are some quick reference fields that allow players to see what items are being sold and bought for.
Current offers available for an item
Selecting an item opens up the trade menu of that specific item.
Item trade menu
Here, players can select the blockchain they are interested in, see the Buy and Sell orders listed and conduct their trading as they see fit.
They can list their offer on the market by clicking on the "Make Sell Order (WTS)" button on the right, or place a purchase order using the button on the left labeled as "Make Buy Oder (WTB)".
Additionally to that, players can fulfill buy orders manually, by clicking on the button "Sell" in the table of orders
Clicking on Sell, will prompt a buy order fulfilment form
Players can fulfill the order fully, or partly.
The fulfillment of orders can be done partly by using the slide
As the amount of items for the order is set and the "Sell" button is pressed, the process is done automatically on the game's side and the items get transferred from the seller to the buyer, and the funds are transferred from the buyer to the seller.
When any specific item is opened in the trade view, players can see their open Buy and Sell orders at the bottom of the page.
Current sale lisitngs on the market
Using the table players can jump from item to item in their order list whenever they want to.