Season Raid Bosses

Through the run of a Season in Blockchain Cuties Universe, several raid bosses are available for the players.

At the start of the season, at least one boss is added for the players to fight against. Generally, this raid boss will continue to respawn on a schedule, provided it is defeated.

If it is not defeated within the time limit, the boss resets and becomes weaker. When the boss is defeated, it gains stronger stats during the next respawn.

To defeat the boss, players have to deplete the boss' HP Bar.

To do damage to the boss, players have to send a Cutie into a battle with the boss. The battle is done automatically and a report can be reviewed instantly. More details on how damage is calculated and other details can be found in the Raid Bosses section.

One major difference that sets these raid bosses apart is that the gear that has the Season Buff is also applicable in these raids as well. This mechanic makes it a much more competitive place for players to battle their way through the leaderboard to get a higher placement for better prizes.

These bosses stop respawning when the season ends.

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