A Tale As Old As Time

A long time ago, the Old Gods imprisoned and sent away many evils that wanted to conquer the world. From greedy kings and influential mortals to creatures of myth and legends.

As Cutieland was bombarded with supernatural events, like the freeing of Daegna'ar and the Battle of Dys, the protections left by the Old Gods have been weakening with every significant moment of recent history. And while the mortals made friends with ancient kings and hellspawn, another danger lifted its head to get back to its home.

Grylla, the giantess who was as old as time finally found what she had been looking for since she and her people - The Jotuns, banishment to another realm.

Many centuries ago, the Jotuns have been fighting against the Old God's rule over this world and lost. The sacrifices were dear, and the ultimate price was paid for displeasing their victors. After banishment the Old Gods placed a guard, a very powerful shield, to keep the Jotuns out of this world.

Since then, Grylla learned to travel through dreams of the mortals and learn everything she could about what is happening at their former homestead now known as Cutieland. The northern side of Cutieland to be more exact, as the Giants lived in the mountains, where storms and blizzards were the lullaby for their children, and a daily reminder to become strong. The North made only the toughest and braves warriors.

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