The Eye of The Storm

Since meeting the Cat of Jol in the ruins, Kaldrheim was engulfed in blizzards and storms. And more nearby settlements got attacked every day. It ranged from giant trolls hurling stones at the villages damaging the homes of the villagers, to raiding parties of giants ransacking and razing these settlements, leaving nearly no survivors. The Jotun started taking back their land.

Upon returning to Soranus-13, Meldave’er went back to his quarters to study his tomes, in hopes of finding any information he could on the Jotun and their forefather Thrundgelmir. It took longer than he’d hoped, taking him a full day to find any indication of the Jotun in the history of this world.

Everything he found was already known to them, but on their forefather, there wasn’t much to go on. The most he could put together was that when the Jotuns were sent away by the Old Gods, Thrudgelmir fought until his last breath and that last breath was captured and stored away in an artifact, somewhere below the cities, where the Ruins of Alamare now resign. This way the Old Gods made sure that their brave leader would never return to them, in any form, and they could keep an eye out on the prison they put him in. Separating them forever.

Meldave’er made sure to inform Drago ahead of time that Grylla would most likely search for the prison under the ruins, and to be out of the way of the search parties until he gets back to them. If the theory turns out to be correct, they will need all of his arcane knowledge to contain or destroy the last remnants of the harbinger of the ice age

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