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Here you can find EOS blockchain onboarding guide
We recommend using the Wombat Wallet for playing on EOS.
It is currently supported only on Chrome for desktop.
As soon as you download the extension, you will be prompted to log in to the wallet.
You can use your email, Facebook or Twitter to log in.
When that’s done, find the extension on the top right of your browser, and click it.
Here you will be able to create your new EOS account! Usually, EOS requires payment for creating an account, but Wombat allows you to create it absolutely free of charge!
When you click “Create New Account” you will be asked where you’d like to secure the backup of the Private Key (It is important that you have it backed up somewhere safe. Never share it with ANYONE. Private Key allows full access to the wallet).
After selecting your backup method, you will need to put in the password you would like to use with the extension.
And then your EOS account name. It has to be exactly 12 characters and only contain lowercase a-z letters and can have numbers from 1 to 5
When you click “Choose” you will create the blockchain wallet on EOS. Congratulations!
EOS needs you to stake your tokens in order to use the blockchain. Here is a guide that will explain how that works.
When you are ready to log in to the game, go to the login page and select EOS from the left side of the popup menu and click on the Wombat button to login.
After clicking the button, it will prompt you to put in the password of the extension, and sign the request. This is a request to see your public address, so the game knows who is interacting with it and that you have read the ToS.
As soon as you sign that request with your wallet, you will be creating a new game account with your wallet.
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