Equipment Slots

Every Cutie has 5 equipment slots available for them to be fitted with different kinds of gear.

Each slot allows for a specific piece of equipment to be put on. The slots have corresponding icons on them to indicate which items can be equipped in that slot. From left-to-right it goes:

  • Weapon

  • Head

  • Body

  • Bracelet

  • Accessory

Any of the items in the categories can be equipped at any time, except for the times when a Cutie is signed up for a Tournament.

On the other hand, removing equipment requires a Cloth Hanger. There are 2 types of cloth hangers: Regular and Small Cloth Hangers.

β€’ Small Cloth Hangers remove one specific item from a Cutie. It is usually used automatically when changing equipment on a Cutie (provided the player has any small hangers in their inventory).

β€’ Regular Cloth Hangers remove ALL equipment from the target Cutie. This item is used manually.

If a player does not have any cloth hangers in their inventory, but the player decides to change equipment anyway, the removed item is destroyed.

Every gear item in the game has a level requirement. This means that every item has a minimum level requirement to be worn by a Cutie.

If the Cutie is below the level requirement, it will not be able to equip this item.

This system was introduced during the game's development. Before it, there were no item level requirements and every item could be worn by any Cutie of any level. When the system was introduced, those Cuties who had items on were "grandfathered" in. Leaving them in the equipment they were in at the time of the release. Some Cuties with such setups can still be found within the game. However, if the item gets taken off, it will not be possible to equip it back, if the Cutie is lower than the item's level requirement.

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