The End of Fimbulwinter

Daegna’ar has forged the Darkir Tungu sword thanks to his scouts and an ever-growing army of atrocities. This allowed him to materialize in this plane of existence, releasing Skadi from his torturous grasp. When Daegna'ar left Skadi’s body, she was exhausted so much that she fell into a near-comatose state, unable to help the defending forces. As soon as Skadi was free, the weather cleared up and the blizzards subsided all across Cutieland.

Within weeks the damage caused by the blizzards was repaired, however, the fighting never stopped. With improved weather conditions Cuties were able to fight more effectively and with increased visibility and better support from military branches of the Tron Empire and Republic of Polygon, the Cuties of Eosgard could finally fight back at full force.

By the looks of things, the majority of Daegna’ar’s forces have been gathering under Mount Sudarl, as the demon army hit Skogmark and Eosgard nearly at the same time. Skogmark was attacked only by the ice demons as a distraction to win time while Deagna’ar’s main army stormed Eosgard with all he had accumulated during the sword forging.

However, reports were still coming stating that Cuties are going missing in Kaldrheim and there are small-time raiding parties roaming around nabbing local militia and turning them into more ice golems.

These raiding parties were dealt with swiftly by the United Cutie Front, which consisted of the Hikami Clan, Polygon Military Forces and local militia. The UCF figured out the patterns of movements of the wretches and started ambushing them while they were moving between settlements. It was estimated that the whole raiding force made about a third of Daegna’ar’s army. This news was shared with the defending forces of Eosgard and Skogmark, which boosted the morale and resolve of the warriors.

The Battle of Skogmark has been brutal and swift. Within two days after the demonic army arrived, the Keepers of the North managed to defeat the enemy forces, but at a significant cost to their numbers. When the dust settled, the Keepers gathered their remaining force and moved to Eosgard to reinforce the defending forces.

While traveling to Eosgard, the reinforcement armies of the United Front of Ethereum and Tron Forces encountered Daegna’ar’s main army twice, which resulted in skirmishes. There were losses from both sides of the encounters, but unlike the Cutie forces, Daegna’ar could replenish his troops and reinforce it with the fallen Cuties, arriving at Eosgard with more numbers.

After five days of travel and battle, Daegna’ar was finally at the walls of Eosgard. Thus, the siege of Eosgard has begun.

First, the demonic army constructed wretched trebuchets. Those machines flung ice demons over the walls, into the city, in an attempt to disrupt the town garrison.

For the first two days of the siege, the defending army of Eosgard did not respond to beleaguerment, biding their time while they were waiting for additional troops from Dal Duriada.

Even goddess Ostara who made a decisive blow against the armies of Old Man Winter last year, together with her loyal Moon Guard, came to aid the defense of EOS capital. The battle was coming closer and closer, the city’s defending forces inspired by the support of an Old God, the Moon Guard and the Hikami Clan were preparing themselves for the final stand of Eosgard. They just had to sit tight until Dal Duriada troops would reinforce their army.

On the third day of the siege, Dal Duriada forces finally managed to reach the city. Now, it was time to strike back at the enemy.

The defending force of Eosgard has been compiled of the following:

  • Local Militia

  • Polygon Military and Special Forces regiments

  • Tron Air support

  • An infantry regiment and artillery support of Ethereum

  • Ostara and the Moon Guard

  • Cutie Adventurers local to Eosgard

  • The Hikami Clan

  • Support forces of Dal Duriada

The battle was set and kicked off at dusk on the third day. The main goal was to first get rid of the siege engines of Daegna’ar’s army. This was the objective for the Hikami clan along with the Polygon Special Forces regiment, as they were the best to successfully carry out the covert operation and get behind the enemy lines to weaken their siege power.

Meanwhile, the gates were opened wide as bait for the enemy to storm into the city in an attempt to take control, as if this was their stepping stone to consume this world and bend it to the will of the last Demon King of the Faomori.

The Tron air support along with the artillery have been bombarding the fast-approaching horde, some attack helicopters being taken down by the siege engines in the process, but the devastating bombardments were very effective to slow down the enemy’s approach, allowing the sniper teams and infantry of Polygon and Ethereum regiments to thin out the horde even more as they approached the city walls.

The Moon Guard manned the walls as the first line of defense. Ostara and her Royal Guard were vicious against the throng of ice demons and Daegna’ar’s minions. But they were not able to withstand the pressure of the demonic army with the tyrant leading the charge at the walls. They had to retreat under the cover of the Polygon and Ethereum riflemen and snipers, positioned on the roofs of buildings. Daegna’ar had a bone to pick with the Moon Guard, and he ripped and tore through the soldiers, leaving not a single one alive that he got to.

When Ostara and the remainder of the Moon Guard withdrew from the initial clash, they delivered important information to the Command center. It turns out the ice demons that looked like golems, were not as impenetrable as thought from the start. The ice demons were as if covered in a thin enough layer of ice to merge with their surroundings, and not provide heavy protection. One Moon Guard, while being treated for his wounds told the messenger that when their ice is chipped away, it uncovers the weak, damaged flesh of the hosts. While horrifying, the flesh is brittle and the ice demons fall apart very quickly when struck. The order of fire at will has been communicated to all of the defending forces, making it a lot easier to pick out targets.

This turned the tide of battle in Cuties’ favor. While brutal and unrelenting, the ice golems have been dealt with much faster, which thinned out the enemy forces much quicker, letting less and less ground be taken by the horde.

After the siege engines were destroyed, the Hikami clan and the Special Forces regiment returned to take back the city walls that Daegna’ar started to use as the forward operating base, reinforcing his advance with more converts using the fallen Cuties. He especially had the great pleasure of converting the Moon Guards, to get to Ostara on a mental level.

This proved ineffective as the Hikami clan and the Special Forces regiment had to retreat as well, because they were so outnumbered, and sustained severe losses, to a point where they barely could get away. The horde was ripping them apart limb by limb, the screams of the battlefield turned from war cries to screeches of horror, abandonment, twisted glee of the horde.

Daegna’ar was opening rifts left and right, summoning more and more minions, resurrecting the fallen Cuties to fight on his side, and continuing advancing through Eosgard, leaving no life spared as he and his army burnt through the city.

At some point, the remaining Hikami warriors noticed that there were fewer and fewer rifts being opened by Daegna’ar, and fewer and fewer new converts had been brought up from the battlefield.

The air support focused their efforts on Demon King, to distract him as much as they could so that even fewer dead would be raised and fewer rifts would be opened to this world. While Daegna’ar was busy with the Tron Air support, the Hikami Warriors along with the Special Forces, and the garrison knights did their best to split up the golems and take them out one by one. This proved to be effective, the attacker forces have been thinning and the advance of Daegna’ar’s army has halted.

The last day of battle for Kalderhein has been quite the shift to what’s been happening recently. The Keepers of the North arrived from Skogmark at the backline of Daegna’ar’s army, pinching them between two advancing forces. Their swords turned out to be very effective against the horde, going through the ice golems like through butter. The Keepers did not kill the enemy, they went through the backlines leaving crippled wrecks that the mercenaries and Eosgard militia dealt with. It was not done due to malice, but to save time and move as fast as possible through the horde to the center of the battlefield, where their allies needed their help. Even so, the husks left behind were missing limbs, horns, and other battle attributes. Some of the wretches managed to slip away from the battlefield, crippled and broken, but alive.

As the Cuties saw that the enemy forces were fading in numbers, Command decided to go for a final push, trying to defeat the remaining hostile army and corner Daegna’ar.

The Hikami warriors started to conjure massive ice chunks and throw them at the Daegna’ar’s positions, leaving him less and less space to maneuver with his army, funneling the enemy to a predetermined stop. The air support helicopters shot rockets at the taken buildings to further the funneling effect, taking down the houses onto the heads of the demon spawns holding the streets. Within hours, Daegna’ar and the remainder of his demon spawns have been surrounded.

King of Faomori figured it was too dangerous to stay in the ring of death that was suffocating him more and more with each passing minute. Realizing the Old Gods have prospered, thanks to that cursed Ostara and the Cuties she is so desperately trying to protect, lost the last bit of his sanity and composure. In a fit of panic-induced rage, Daegna’ar gave an order to storm out of the city, through the tunnel that the Cuties had built for them out of ice and rubble. It was the best chance to get out of this alive, the odds were slim, but not zero.

Rushing through the funnel Daegna’ar deflected shots and other projectiles going his way with Darkir Tungu. It was heating up, at one point it became white-hot, and at the pace, he and the scraps of his army had been advancing, he knew it wouldn’t last much longer, no matter how much power he channels through to mend it. Getting closer to breaking the surrounding chokehold of Cuties, the Hikami clan began to try and freeze Darkir Tungu to make it shatter due to extreme temperature swings.

Finally, after another explosion right above Daegna’ar that he blocked with the sword, two Keepers of the North broke through the frontline minions and struck him with their swords. Daegna’ar swung at them, throwing them away with a mighty blow, but Darkir Tungu finally shattered. His guardian vessel violently exploded into many pieces, some shards even evaporated during the explosion. Daegna’ar was mortal once more.

With a blood-curdling shriek, Daegna’ar started pushing forward, in the last effort to get out of harm's way, but there was nowhere to hide from many weapons pointed his way. The Cuties opened fire on the King of Faomori, shredding him. Both arms and his leg were destroyed in the first barrage of fire, along with a chunk of his face being blown off. Daegna’ar fell to the ground, breathless.

The demon spawn, hoarded above their King to protect him and carry him out through the wall of fire the Cuties were laying upon them. A very small group of surviving demon spawn managed to get out of the city, running into the nearby woods, headed to Frozen Lake, where a targeted shell finally fell into the retreating demon spawn group. It happened while they were crossing the frozen lake, breaking the ice, and burying them in the cold water.

The lake was patrolled for another day to make sure the King of Faomori and his kin were feeding the fish. But nothing but floaters were ever seen since the demon spawn went underwater. At last, the King was dead.

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