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Raid Bosses

The current version of the game contains 3 types of Raid Bosses. They are accessible using the Raid Boss page in the Adventures submenu.
Some raids require specific Cuties to be used as they have prerequisites for participation. For example, the Red Devil raid boss can only be visited by Cuties that reached at least Level 5 and are of generations 0, 1, or 2.
Red Devil and Event bosses have the formula to calculate the damage dealt, it can be found here.
Red Devil Requirements are visible on the Boss Card in the Raids menu

Alien Invader

Alien Invader Raid Boss Card
This raid boss was the first boss that was made for the game. Where the ruleset is different from all of the other raid bosses.
The main goal in this raid boss is for the community to have a collective win rate above 50% at the end of the raid session. If the win condition is met, players receive a proper reward pool, but if the condition is not met, the reward pool is significantly smaller.
Current running Raid boss status
This raid boss requires that the Cutie is at least level 5 and it has to be of generation 0, 1, or 2. Levels and generations that are not covered by this ruleset are not going to show up in the selection menu for this raid.

Red Devil

Red Devil has been the second version of Raid Bosses in the game and offers a different set of rules.
At this time, this raid boss has the same entry rules as the Alien Invader, but with one more caveat.
These are lotating from session to session. So they are not constant.
An important difference is that the Red Devil has a rotating set of Weaknesses and Strengths. The "Stron VS" line of icons specify which elements are going to be a disadvantage for the participating Cuties, and the Type Icons ban these types of cuties from participating in the current raid session.
"Weak VS" Cuties and elements give an advantage when fighting this Raid Boss.
Red Devil's session lasts for 24 hrs, or until it is defeated.
The rewards are distributed after the end of the session. If the boss is defeated, the Dynamic Rewards pool is larger,
If the boss is defeated, it progresses to the next difficulty level, where it receives stronger stats and more HP, along with that the rewards also are better. When the boss is defeated, players receive rewards based on their positions on the leaderboard based on the damage dealt during the session along with a bigger prize pool of CuteCoin being distributed amongst the players based on their share of damage done during the session.
If it is not defeated within the time limit, it reverts back to level 1, placement rewards are not distributed, and a meager CuteCoin pool is distributed.

Event and Season Raid Bosses

These are special kinds of raids that work on the Red Devil's framework. However, there are a few changes to that. As these are usually limited-time-run bosses, they have fewer restrictions for participation.
An example of an event based Raid Boss. In this example it is the Demonic Eireen Holmes from Season 7
Generally, they are available to most, if not all Cuties. Each boss session also has a randomized "Weak VS" modifier. Having different combinations of Cuties ready for raiding is very helpful to get as much damage done as possible, and get higher on the leaderboard.
Weakness lineup can be seen on the right
With each event raid boss defeated, it becomes stronger. If the players are unable to defeat a boss, it goes down in power, and with that, the rewards are also lesser.
Additional info on these bosses can be found in Season Raid Bosses​

Red Devil and Event Boss Damage Formula

Damage dealt is calculated by summing up all battle round scores for each side and getting the difference. The Difference is square rooted and multiplied by 0.8. If the difference is negative, but the battle has been won minimum damage of 1 is counted.
Formula: Damage Done = 0.8 * (RAID SCORE SUM - PLAYER SCORE SUM) ^ 0.5
A battle phase where any side 'misses' is counted as zero for the missing side. Critical hits are counted as dice roll '20' plus all the bonuses.