Home At Last

The Cat of Jol reported back to Grylla through her dream walking that the last of the seals is broken and the barrier is about to completely fall. Upon hearing this, the giantess awoke from her dream travels and hurried to the central square of Utgard. She told her people to gather their belongings and follow her through a rift she will create shortly in the Iron Woods. This rift will take them back to their homestead, where they will be able to reclaim their rightful place in Cutieland.

As planned, the beasts went through the rift first, ensuring safe passage for the rest of the warriors and shamans, and witches that will follow. The rift tunneled through the veil and led the Jotuns back to Isvindur. The giant beasts of stone started to clear out the surrounding area from anyone in their way until they stumbled upon a small hut of Skadi. The giantess, living far away from anyone had to run, after a scuffle with the trolls. She had to tell the nearby settlements to be cautious in their travels through the mountain passes and maybe even prepare to defend their homes if the uninvited guests start roaming the nearby lands.

Skadi returned to Skogmark, and snuck her way into the city under the cover of a snowstorm, as the giants were never welcome in the cities, as far as the city guard was concerned. She went to one of the contacts that supplied her with herbs and other odds and ends that she required from time to time in the wild. She shared with them what she saw, and who she had to fight in the mountains, hoping that the news will reach the right people in the city and preparations would be made in case the trolls roam further out from the mountains.

Meanwhile, the trolls ventured down the mountain towards Isvindur and Glacier Foot, ensuring safety for the army that marched not far behind. Their target was Twin Peaks and in their path, everything and everyone would be scared off or forced to move away, giving more and more accounts of sightings to the nearby settlements. As they reached Twin Peaks, the Jotuns settled in an area between Glacier Foot, Yggsvar Lake, and Halls of Sval. Jotuns were finally back home, as they once were thousands of years ago, settling into their former homestead that the wilds had taken back since they have been banished.

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