HP Based Battles


HP based battles are a newer type of combat system. It is a bit more player-friendly in terms of understanding and planning ahead. It is more transparent on how stats are working within the system, and it is attempting to solve some issues that the older RBB system has. Like utilizing luck and evasion as a stat much better.

HBB is still being developed and more changes are expected to happen to it as the game is being developed.

In HBB every Cutie has a starting HP pool of 40 points, and with each level, the Cutie gains 20 HP per level.

In the future, pet types will have more variation to the HP pools and HP pool growth per level.

The ruleset for HBB is very straightforward, compared to the RBB.

The last Cutie standing gets the win.

In each round, Cuties bite into each other and try to decrease the opponentโ€™s health pool. The Cutie that manages to reduce its rivalโ€™s health to zero first, wins.

Who starts first is decided randomly. So it's a 50-50 chance of your Cutie attacking first.

Rounds do not play a significant role in this system, it is there to merely help with the visual clarity of the combat log.

Attack Phase

Whenever a Cutie attacks, it first rolls the luck check, to decide if it did a "True Strike" attack or a normal one. During this check, the Cutie rolls a d100 vs a difficulty which is calculated with a simple formula of (100 - Cutie's Luck Stat)+1. The +1 modifier is added to mitigate 0 stat Cuties rolling an evasion or a true strike when they should not be able to use those abilities due to lack of that stat.

"True Strike" means that the attack ignores the opponent's armor score completely.

As the difficulty has to be either matched or surpassed with the roll. A Cutie with 0 evasion stat, could roll a 100 vs a Difficulty of 100 and evade, which it shouldn't be able to do. Here is an example:

After the modifier is rolled, during the attack phase, the Cutie damage is calculated via the formula:

D20 + Power + Attack

Whenever a 20 is rolled, the attack is considered a Critical Hit and the damage is doubled.

Critical hits can be dodged if the defending Cutie Evades.

Overall, if a Cutie's attack sum of rolls is higher than the opponent's defense sum of rolls it deals damage to the opponent. The damage dealt is the difference between the attack and defense sums.

Defense Phase

When defending a Cutie also rolls a difficulty check, but for evasion, which uses the Evasion stat. The difficulty check works the same was as for "True Strike".

Here is an example of a successful evasion:

After the modifier is rolled, during the defense phase, the Cutie defense is calculated via the formula:

D20 + Power + Defense

As with the attack, a 20 roll on a d20 is a "critical defense" that is called a Resist. It doubles the dfense rating for the turn for that Cutie.

Resist does not mitigate True Strike attacks as they go around defense rolls directly to HP.

If the Cutie's defense sum of rolls is higher than the attacker's, it blocks all of the incoming damage.

Currently, this combat system is used in Tournaments and recently has been added to Season Adventures with plans to be expanded to all of the Adventures in the game, and Dungeons will also use this system.

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