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Chapter VII: Ruins of Akkad

Reporting back to Soranus-13, Meldave'er, and Sucinai were adamant about gathering some scoundrels, adventurers, and bandits to aid them in this endeavor. Thankfully, the current state of affairs in the region allowed them to create unique situations using these uncertain elements. The plan is to pay enough of these mercenaries to make the guards very busy, as Meldave'er and Sucinai with their specialist squad get through the perimeter unnoticed, and get to the tower’s base. The only question mark in this plan was the doorway. Meldave'er gathered all of the information they could, but all of it came with a big gamble, whether or not the entrance to the tower allowed them to pass.
Arriving at the excavation camp at the ruins, it was clear that the Shirdalinid King was quite sure of the value the ruins had. The camp was guarded by elite soldiers, quite a significant number of them too. General Sucinai sent out word to the sellswords they’d hired to start the raid on the camp. The mercenaries were given full access to the spoils of the camp if they could get through the guards. And if they found anything of scholarly significance they were offered extra coin for such finds after the raid. While the blood-thirsty and greedy hired blades wreaked chaos around the perimeter, general Sucinai, Meldave’er, and their specialist squad sneaked into the camp and went down the excavation tunnel, lit by hundreds of torches. At the end of the tunnel, they found a spacious floor, with cracked and faded walls intertwining with the soil and roots from hundreds of years being buried underground. In the middle of the floor, they found a hatch.