Last Call

Right after returning to base, the eighth seal has been broken. Escalating the issue to a completely new height. Drago's team has been dispatched, along with Meldave'er to investigate and try to find a fresh trail that could lead to the culprit of these actions.

Daegna'ar knew that the Old Gods have made very few friends, and had vicious enemies. All of whom wanted one thing and one thing only - control over Cutieland. The intent was different for everyone. Some wanted to be the only deity that is worshiped, some wanted to conquer it to make it their home, some even wanted to just destroy it, let the whole world burn, entertained by the anguish and terror they've released upon it. Knowing very well how these shields collapse and let the evil back in, Daegna'ar ordered all of the Soranus outposts to be battle-ready and reinforced the base at Kalderheim with troops from Quinn-Karee. Everyone was expected to be ready at a drop of a hat, fully devoting themselves to defending their homeland from old and forgotten interlopers hidden beyond.

The search at the 8th seal yielded no new information. Within a week's time, the ninth seal was released of its power. With all of the unknown elements in the air, each day felt like weeks. Everybody, especially Meldave'er knew for certain that this powder keg is about to explode. The worst part of it was, they knew nothing of what kind of firestorm to expect.

In months after the 9th seal was broken, there was nothing similar detected again. It signaled to the warlock that all of the seals had been probably released. This was confirmed to him by rumors of monstrous creatures, roaming the mountain, pushing everything and everyone out of their territory. These creatures were never seen before. According to the rumors, these creatures were the mountains coming to life, hurling gigantic rocks at anyone in their way, be it a traveler passing through the mountains, or a village settled at the foothills.

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