All you need to know about Nobility can be found on this page

Nobility is a bonus that can be acquired by any Cutie, provided they do not have it already.

Cuties that are released on the Unique Cutie Sale page can have two bonuses: Unique and Noble.

Each bonus is not canceling the other out and both can be applied to a Cutie, that is the best combination when you're looking for more edge over your opponents with regular Cuties.

A Cutie can even be born as a Noble if the Cutie's parents are both noble. The probability of a Cutie being born as a Noble when both parents are noble is 5%.

Nobility Bonuses are as follows:

A noble Cutie gets a bonus of +1 Power against Regular Cuties that are not noble. It is reserved as a requirement for new late-game mechanics, such as land ownership and army leadership.

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