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Here you can find TRON blockchain onboarding guide
We recommend playing using Tronlink.
Currently, it is supported only on Chrome. It is also available on iOS and Android mobile devices.
After you have installed the Tronlink extension, find the icon on the top right of your browser.
It will greet you with the following little window:
Think of a password and put it into the fields of the window. Just in case, save it somewhere safe so you always will have it.
When you make a password and back it up, just press “Continue” and find the “Create” button on the next screen.
Think of a unique name for your account that you will not forget (we suggest you write that down with the password).
After that click “Continue”.
You will see a 12-word seed phrase that you have to back up.
These 12 words are the keys to your wallet. No one has access to that phrase, if you lose it, you lose access to your wallet.
This phrase is the only way you will be able to recover the wallet in case you format or change devices. No one else has access to this information but you.
After you backed it up and clicked on “Continue” you will need to confirm the mnemonic phrase.
Click through the words in the correct order and click on “Confirm”.
Congratulations! You have created your first Tron account!
Feel free to poke around the menus to get familiar. When you are ready, go to the login screen and log in by clicking the Tronlink Icon on the popup.
After doing so, you will see this window. This is a request to see your public address, so the game knows who is interacting with it and that you have read the ToS.
When you are ready, click Accept and it will log you into the game!
Congratulations! You have created your in-game account! It is bound to your wallet address.
Important note: You do need to send at least 1 trx to the account to make it active on the blockchain itself, without that wallet receiving at least 1 trx the network will not regard the wallet as active.
When you are comfortable with Tron, you can add all of the blockchains into one account and play on all of the blockchains at the same time!
We strongly suggest freezing some Trx for Energy and Bandwidth so that the transactions on the blockchain don’t cost you anything!
More info on Transactions and how freezing works on Tron you can find in the Tron Resources article.
Here is also a User Guide from Tronlink on how to easily use the extension to freeze Tron for energy.