Seasons are limited-time events that span over the course of 90 days. During the run of the season, players are introduced to new content for the game, such as:

  • Equipment

  • Crafting recipes

  • Crafting ingredients

  • New Unique Cuties

  • New Universe characters

  • Raid Bosses

Through the run of the season, players can level up their season pass and gather rewards from that leveled-up season pass.

There are two versions of the season pass: Premium and Basic. The Basic version is free and accessible to all of the players. It gives players extra content from the season like ingredients, some equipment for Cuties, and other utility items.

The Premium version is a one-time purchase (per season) and unlocks the premium level path, where players can collect rewards through leveling the season pass. When the premium path is unlocked, the basic one is also available, therefore it is adding to the overall reward pool of the player. Additionally, players get access to more crafting options in the forge, and, most importantly, unbinding recipes that allow for players to trade their season items with other players on the market. Also, the special seasonal Cutie crafting tokens can only be redeemed by the Season Pass holders.

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