A Message Unseen

When the seventh seal was broken, the monitoring at the Soranus-13 base went haywire. The break of the seal sent a massive burst of energy through Mt. Sudarl, and at first, was thought to be some unprecedented seismic activity. To investigate Dr. Holmes sent out Drago Sucinai's squad and gather samples for further analysis if possible.

Scouting out the point of emission, the Squad found a small, ancient shrine, hidden far in a berried cave. It looked like it has caved in a long long time ago. Yet now, the entrance was dug through the rubble. In the cave, they found a seamless old trinket, broken in several pieces, right at the altar to the Old Gods. Meldave'er suggested looking into similar activity in recent times, as the power of such a powerful place should be ringing in the air, yet it felt barren. The carvings in the cave on pedestals and offering tables seemed very familiar to the warlock, although, many languages that lived and died in the overworld now mesh together at this point.

Upon reporting back to outpost Quinn-Karee, it took little time to send back the results of the analysis. Over the last year, there were several similar outbursts found but thought of as earthquakes or other nature-driven activity. These locations were sent to Drago and the team, and they went on another expedition to find out the origins of this mystery.

While traveling, Meldave'er consulted his tome, researching the carvings and any possible mentions of the places they now are traveling to. The more hidden shrines and sunken temples they've visited, the clearer it got for the warlock.

He found a passage about the Old Gods and the war with the Jotuns, nearly at the beginning of times. When these Old Gods created a shield to protect this world. The carvings they found at the emission sites were tales of these seals and the Gods that risked their existence as they joined the mortal world to infuse precious artifacts to create them. There hasn't been any indication of where or how many of these artifacts are. The carvings told the stories of each individual one. As if the Gods themselves carved them into stone to remind mortals of the dangers sealed by these artifacts.

Knowing of such artifacts full well, Meldave'er shared his theory on the chain of events that has been put in motion as soon as they came back to Soranus-13. The warlock told of all his findings and explained how they worked. How the underworld is kept from the land of the living, and how Daegna'ar's prison worked in a very similar manner. These seals were made by the Old Gods to keep something fierce and dangerous from influencing, perhaps, even coming back to Cutieland. What was worrisome is the fact there are an unknown number of seals left, and only a few likely remain intact.

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