NFT migration tutorial

This guide is designed to lead you, Cutieneers, through the process of migrating your BCU NFTs from Neo Legacy to N3 protocol.

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the N3 NFT migration tutorial.

The team made it super simple to migrate your Cuties to the new protocol and it can be done through the game itself, without any fancy workarounds or fiddling with extra stuff. First and foremost, install the NeoLine wallet, and create your N3 wallet. The full guide for that can be found here it also covers the migration of fungible assets.

When everything is set up and you’ve logged into the game using any method you’ve used before - Email, TronLink, Metamask, etc. Then navigate to the player menu.

On desktops, it is located in the top right corner of the screen

On Mobile, it is located on the top left of the screen

In the drop-down menu navigate to the Blockchains submenu.

On mobile, it is located under the Profile subcategory.

Then find Neo and click “Attach” If you are using the NeoLine wallet it will request you to connect to the wallet, in one click. If you are going to import it within the in-game wallet, please follow the standard steps for the in-game wallet.

That was the hard part. Congrats on upgrading to N3! Now all you have to do is migrate the Cuties themselves. Go to the “My Cuties” page and filter all of the Cuties with the NEO filter as in the screenshot below:

This will sort your cuties only from the Neo Legacy library.

Neo Legacy Cuties now all have the mint number of nl in the link instead of n, as it was before. Whenever a Cutie is migrated, it will have the prefix of n in the link. Here’s an example: Unmigrated Cutie ID: Migrated Cutie ID:

Next, you select your Cutie from the list by just clicking on the Cutie preview card.

And find the “Migrate to Neo-3” button:

Click the button and a prompt for a transaction will pop up from your NeoLine wallet, or the in-game wallet.

Here all you need to do is click “Yes” to start the transaction. When you do that the following prompt will appear.

The Neo developers are helping Cutieneers cover the costs as they migrate their Cuties to N3. However, you must have enough funds to cover the cost in the first place. After the transaction is sent, you will be refunded the tx fee amount automatically.

Now, all you do is wait for the transaction to complete. You can find your Cutie migration transaction in your notifications.

When the transaction completes the Link button will change its color from orange to green.

That’s it! You’ve successfully migrated your Cutie from Legacy to N3. There is no group upgrade, sadly, so you will have to migrate Cuties one by one.

Cutieneers that own a substantial amount of Cuties on Neo Legacy can migrate a few Cuties that they really do need currently to do blockchain transactions with, like trading, breeding, and using blockchain-reliant items. After you migrate a few Cuties, the rest will be automatically migrated at a later date in bulk by the team. But you must migrate at least a couple so that the rest will be migrated automatically.

Happy hunting, Cutieneers!

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