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ACT IV: A new beginning

This is the ending that is played out at the end of Season 7. Selected by players through the governance vote.
The rest of the survivors finally arrived through the portal in the Soranus-13 facility. Among them was Daegna’ar, lying on the stretcher, motionless. Thanks to Meldave'er’s sigils, the King of Faomori was still barely alive. When they crossed the gateway, Eireen hustled out of it first, rushing towards medical personnel and equipment to ready everything to plug her savior into life support and stabilize his vitals.
As the commotion settled and the processing of the wounded started, Eireen gave out all of the necessary orders, and went back to Daegna’ar to wait for him to hopefully awake, or give any signs of consciousness. A few minutes after she sat down near Daegna’ar, he finally opened his good eye and reached his arm out to Eireen. Noticing this, Dr. Holmes stood up and took his arm into both of her palms, with teary eyes. He looked at Eireen and asked her to forgive him. He said that knowing that he’s probably not worthy of her, he would still want to ask if Dr. Holmes would be willing to become his Queen. Eireen started crying, breaking down before him, letting out a sigh of relief, and then replying that she would be his queen forevermore.
Upon hearing the words he coveted for so long, a tear rolled down his grizzly face. Unrecognizably humbling a fierce ruler. Daegna’ar felt complete. It did not matter if he had half of his body bionically reconstructed. He was full again. As he was thousands of years ago before he knew of the Old Gods before hate engulfed him from the inside. Back when he was the trusted and wise leader of his people over the continent currently named Kaldrheim. All of the hate and lust for vengeance were gone. He didn’t want to get back at the Old Gods for what they did. Daegna’ar wanted to be the leader of his people, rebuilding what he lost so long ago. Yet, the enemies wouldn’t be so kind and understanding of the sudden change in his worldview. And it will take time to truly make an impactful change.
Daegna’ar’s body was repaired the next day, with an additional augmentation of the batteries for his bionics. As soon as he could walk, he started to wander around the facility, thinking of how to proceed forward from the position that they are in, with all of the knowledge that they managed to gather during this whole ordeal. Since conquering Cutieland through Infernum was not in the cards anymore, they had to somehow get out of Tron City. The Kenshi Tower has been under government control at this point, and with each day the excavation crews are drawing closer to finding their way back into the Soranus-13 facility. In addition to that, he had to release Drago and his troops back to Ultar as that was the only way. If not for their involvement, they most likely wouldn't be standing here now. But releasing the general would confirm information to Ultar Corp. command, and place the target back on this facility. Thinking of several solutions to the current situation, Daegna’ar gathered a meeting.
First, he praised everyone, as they fought valiantly against the enemies, not yielding under extreme conditions. He took extra time to thank general Sucinai and his soldiers for heroically aiding them in battle. Daegna’ar told them that they are free to go as they please, and no member of his army will get in their way. He even offered to the general to open a rift near Ultar, so that they can easily report back home.
To which Drago Sucinai replied with a shocking revelation. He told Daegna’ar that he and his men broke the chain of command and acted on his orders alone. Which will place them in some very hot water with the high command and eventually lead to a tribunal of every officer and soldier in this regiment. As they have nowhere to go, and it does look like they could use a few good soldiers on their side now as well, Drago pledged his loyalty to the corporation of Eireen and Daegna’ar. The King of Faomori gladly accepted the offer of the general, while still being a bit gobsmacked about the turn of events.
Right after the meeting, another one was arranged for the officers of the army, Daegna’ar’s Faomori soldiers, Soranus science leads, Eireen, Meldave'er, and general Sucinai. The main concern for them was to figure out where to relocate the facility in a hurry. As the excavation crews will be knocking on their door in a matter of days, at most a week. It had to be discrete enough and out of the way, to not be found, and at the same time, it required to be a place where electricity wouldn’t be an issue. Many options were considered: Old Edo Ruins, Ruins of Telmazar, Ruins of Nyoto, and several more places that would at least partly cover their list of needs. But as the discussion went on, it was decided to head to the destroyed city of Quinkaar, near the Takanami Bay. It has been destroyed by the nuclear war and is absolutely deserted. Before the war, the whole city was powered by a wave power plant that they could restore. It was a very secluded place in the world, far away from any civilization, somewhat forgotten as a relic reminding historians of a very horrible time.
On that same day, an expedition was sent out to the Eye of Quinkaar using portal technology. The reconnaissance allowed to successfully locate several good positions for the new facility. Within three days the base was fully relocated to Quinkaar, along with all of its personnel and equipment. And it took the engineers a bit over two full days of work to restore the necessary minimum of the wave power plant to start the ball rolling. The base was moved and juiced, there’s only up from that point. But before they could move on to the next chapter in the Soranus-13 history, they had to close the previous one. As everything was cleared out from the facility under Kenshi Tower, the whole thing was rigged with explosives and the portal successfully closed. When the gateway closed, the explosives shook the ground beneath Kenshi Tower. Excavation crews were ordered to expedite their efforts and get to the source of the explosion as soon as they could. Which wasn’t too hard considering the fact that they already were going in that direction. Alas, no new information has been uncovered from the excavations under the Kenshi Towers. No one knew what was that explosion, and why it even took place. Couldn’t have been an attempt to attack the Tower, but there was nothing to hide there either. There were no bodies, nor equipment in sight. Just a bunch of rubble. Neither the government nor the spying corporations made heads or tails of this situation. The mysterious tale of the explosion spread across the Tron Empire like wildfire.
Right after, Kenshi Corp. went bankrupt and the Tower was sold to their former competitors Ultec Robotics, who wanted to build a branch in Tron City for years.
As for Infernum, the battle was won. The Lord was still on his throne, contemplating the Pyrrhic victory over the minuscule forces of the blue demon. The city no longer had avian soldiers, the elite Black Wing was nearly destroyed, thousands of demon soldiers fell in battle, and what was the worst of it all, Ba’alzathar was also taken by this skirmish. The gates and walls were breached and ruins were scattered all around the perimeter, making the city very vulnerable. This victory was for nothing. A puff of air. The only thing that was of value is the knowledge that Infernum possesses incredible potential with Eerie energy, yet the way of taming this energy and using it at his will still eluded him. As was the knowledge that there is a way back up. A way still unknown to the warlocks and engineers of Infernum. The technology the interlopers had allowed them to move armies fast, without the need to tire them out with weeks of marching. It has unparalleled power of maneuverability of large armies. All this had to wait. First, his firm hold over the kingdom must be returned. The nobles of Dis will cower to try to orchestrate a coup to place some sniveling lesser demon onto the throne of Dis, instead, they might help others to overthrow him. What makes it worse, is that Adamanthryx will not miss this opportunity to strike and attempt to take these lands for themselves.
This forced Sahmael to postpone his plans for expeditions into the depths of Infernum, and prepare for another nasty war. At least this time, he was fighting those he knew very well, which gave it a little bit of solace.