CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC)

This article will lead you through the process of onboarding onto the CoinEx Smart Chain

CSC is an EVM protocol, which is excellent in many ways.

For one, this means you can use Metamask without issues! All you need to do is add the RPC information to your metamask and that's it.

MM RPC information:


Network name: Coinex Smart Chain (or name it as you wish)

ChainID: 52

Symbol: CET


If you are new to Metamask let's show you how to add a new RPC. It's super easy.

Adding CSC to Metamask

Step 1 – Installing Metamask

If you do not have Metamask installed just yet, you can find the extension for the browser and additional documentation on the official Metamask Website.

Metamask Download links can be found on this page –

While it does state on the site it supports only Chrome. Chromium based browsers can work, however, use Metamask on other browsers at your own risk as it might not be as stable as on Chrome.

Metamask also offers a thorough FAQ section for all the new users who are just learning how to use the extension. This FAQ can be found here -

Step 2 – Add CSC RPC

With the extension installed you will need to create or import a wallet. For more details on that please consult the Ethereum section.

When you've made yourself a new wallet, or imported your already existing one, it is time to add the CSC network to your Metamask. Open up the extension and select the drop-down for the networks at the top of the extension window.

Next, scroll down and click on "Add Network"

A new tab will be opened, where you will need to select the last option in the list - "Add a Network Manually"

Next, fill in the RPC information provided above on this page.

That's it. Now you can switch between ETH and CSC with just a few clicks in Metamask.

How to add $CET to your CSC wallet.

There are a few ways you can get $CET to use for transactions on CSC.

  1. Purchase the token on its native exchange (recommended)

  2. Swap it using the CoinEx Swap Tool

More additional info on CoinEx Smart Chain can be found here:

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