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ACT II: Cleanup

The mechanized forces were strapped for time and went to their objective as fast as possible. It took them about half an hour to get to the R&D floors, where they started to take apart the data centers, collect all of the research, and dismantle the gateway for transportation. Meanwhile, a secondary force has been clearing out several floors below the R&D facilities and setting up explosives to destroy the building as soon as the primary team gets out with all of the research and tech they can gather before exfiltration.
As the Ultec Robotics teams pulled out from the building, loading everything up into hovercraft and boarding the personnel vehicles on the roof, they flew off and triggered the explosives set up in the building.
It went floor by floor, destroying the structure, folding it like a house of cards, turning A-Z Space Industries Research and Tech Center into ruins, and leaving no evidence of Ultec Robotics ever being anywhere close to this incident.
Hours later, the sun went down, and the night rolled over Tron-City. Ichoridan found his way through the rubble and went towards the meeting point that he telepathically set up with his Firstborn henchmen. Isra and Nevin shared a location with Ichoridan. There were sometimes forgotten ruins in the most southwest corner of the continent, where two cities resided a long time ago. These ruins were of 2 settlements: Quinkaar and Telmazar. They’ve met up in the burnt-out plains between the ruins of the cities to regroup.
Right before the bombs went off, Isra and Nevin met up and went down to the complex’s starport, where they commandeered a long-distance hovercraft and flew out to Junhai. For now, Ichoridan and his minions were safe. The closest settlement from here was weeks away by foot, and these ruins were of no interest to common folk, nor to the scientific community.
Isra and Nevin went back to Tron City, to set up the arrangement as Ichoridan had done before. Creating a night governing body, to supply their master with fresh blood to feast upon. Additionally, as the few surviving Cuties of the A-Z Space Industries, Isra and some of her staff started to pressure Ultec Robotics in the PR field, stating that their mechanized forces invaded their research center, stole their technologies, murdered countless staff members in cold blood, and destroyed the building to cover their tracks. This was made in an attempt to pick apart the competing corporation and halt their research into any tech that was developed in A-Z Space Industries.
Ultec Robotics didn’t let them wait long for a response and released leaked video footage from the research center, where the corrupted 6 have morphed into some sort of monstrosities and ripped apart staff, creating live husks along the way. This came with a message, that the A-Z Space Industries have been trying to hide very dangerous experiments from the public, and that it has gotten out of hand to a point where they themselves decided to destroy all evidence of their wrongdoing and then try and sweep this under the rug.
This started a whole new PR scandal for Isra and Nevin, so much so, they had to disappear and fast.
As these scandals were unfolding, Ichoridan gave no mind to the squabbles of pitiful mortals, he was studying all he has learned from his Firstborn. Firstly, he learned that there are no Old Gods ruling over this realm, allowing for so much freedom for him and his subordinates. Then, he learned that a competing corporation Kenshi Farmatech has been behind the first gateways into hell and that they knew something no one else did. To him, it seemed very obvious that whoever was developing this technology had been to Tartarus, and wanted to go back to it. But for what? It definitely wasn’t the source of energy that all of the corporations have been babbling about. It seemed to be that it was an attempt to take over Hell, and become the ruling power of the underworld, to take on the Old Gods. Who would be so foolish?
Since Ichoridan saw this world, it changed. It became so much more sophisticated and technologically advanced that even the weakest of Cuties could harm the likes of him with weaponry of the current age. It did not sit well with Ichoridan.
What made it worse is that this world became so rotten that the only goal they’ve had up here was power. Nothing else mattered. And power was the currency of corporations that stood at the helm of it all in Tron City. One of these corporations was A-Z Space Industries with which he had a solid connection, thanks to his Firstborn Isra and Nevin.
Mauling over all of this new knowledge, he started plotting a plan to take a foothold in Cutieland. First, it was decided to convert the management of A-Z Space Industries into Firstborn, without altering the day-to-day of the corporation. This way, he will secure a lot of resources to kick off the start of the new era, where he becomes the sole leader of this land. This must be done carefully, not to set off any alarms within the corporation, or let others know of his presence in this world. And then, he would go back to the underworld, and take it by storm, before this other unknown entity manages to get there first.